i hunger moonlit walks.

I may would have to start with a so called introduction. As much as i hate writing things about myself, personally.
Larasya Maitri Anjani, female, born 1995, currently residing in Jakarta, Indonesia.
I often pretend to be someone i want to be. but i know deep inside, i don't know myself really well.
You can say that i'm no good with words. I tend to just stick with an idea, a piece of paper, and a pen.
Here, you can see some of my works. I won't promise you that they're all masterpieces. They're just plain me, nothing more or less. And i put them here just to share, and hopefully you can give me feedbacks, etc.
Another reason is just for you to know me better. Cause trust me, i'm no better myself at that one.
Take a look at my gallery, and contact me through the sites that is given up there. ^
We're drawn to be what we wish to see.

Regards, Maitri Anjani.